Monday, August 10, 2015

DOOM is better than Call of Duty!

Yeah you damm right I said it. Doom is and will always be better than Call of Duty. There is nothing scary about Call of Duty. But Doom that is a video game for real men. Call of Duty is hardly even dreaming of catching up to Doom. They have introduced zombies to the games However Doom has Zombie guys since the start of the series.

Yeah these kids these days they will know know the fear felt walking down a dark hallway not being able to see what monsters and demons will pop out next. Only hearing the demonic growls of the monsters in the darkness. Or the thrill of being down to a pistol and then hitting a switch that unleashes a bunch of Hell Knights on your butt! Yeah that is real horror survival. I can give games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill some credit. But Call of Duty has nothing on Doom.

Call of Duty is a bit like Drake. People only like it because it's popular and girls think it's cute. Come to the big time kids. Dare to embrace the Horror of Doom!

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