Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Final Fight Poison Hot Cosplay girl! and Youtube show

Wow I must say this girl is quite lovely. She looks just like Poison from the game! Also the review they did of the game was pretty cool as well! If you love video games go watch the show it's great! See more of her in this video!

Final Fight With Poison game review

Doom 4 news! Is Doom 4 going to be the best video game ever?

Doom one of the greatest video games ever made. Now we are here Doom 4 will be coming out very soon. But will this be the greatest video game of all time? Doom was the first truly great 1st person shooter game. And since then not many games can even hold a candle to the original Doom.

I will keep this blog updated with Doom 4 news and it comes out. Stay tuned and long live Doom the best first person shooter game of all time!
Wow I just saw the trailer and it is awesome!
Doom 4 Trailer

Monday, August 10, 2015

DOOM is better than Call of Duty!

Yeah you damm right I said it. Doom is and will always be better than Call of Duty. There is nothing scary about Call of Duty. But Doom that is a video game for real men. Call of Duty is hardly even dreaming of catching up to Doom. They have introduced zombies to the games However Doom has Zombie guys since the start of the series.

Yeah these kids these days they will know know the fear felt walking down a dark hallway not being able to see what monsters and demons will pop out next. Only hearing the demonic growls of the monsters in the darkness. Or the thrill of being down to a pistol and then hitting a switch that unleashes a bunch of Hell Knights on your butt! Yeah that is real horror survival. I can give games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill some credit. But Call of Duty has nothing on Doom.

Call of Duty is a bit like Drake. People only like it because it's popular and girls think it's cute. Come to the big time kids. Dare to embrace the Horror of Doom!

How to get the horse in Zelda Ocarina of time!

Today I am going to write a walk through about how to get the horse in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time. First you must go to Ron Ron Lanch when you are child link. Once you are there talk to the girl named Malon. She will tell you about her horse and her song. Talk to her over and over until she tells you the Epona song. Once you get this you will notice Epoona follow you around the ranch once you play it.

Ok now we fast forward to after you become Adult Link. At this point you go back to Lon Lon ranch to find the guy that works there I forget his name. He is located at the gates where the horses are. He asks if you want to ride for 10 Rupees? Say yes them simply ride around for a while. But first play Eponas song to get ride her. Ride around for a while then talk to the ranch guy. He will say you are getting better and if you would like bet on a race with him ? Say yes and beat him. After he loses the first race he tells you he will bet the horse! Beat him a second time and you will get Epona!

However he will lock you in. So you must ride fast and jump over the big fence at the back of the ranch and they are will be free to ride Epona in Hyrule Field.